Posted on: January 17, 2008 3:24 pm

Good Luck Green Bay

I believe in rooting for who beat you and it makes it easy when you get beat by one of the best. RenaissanceMan started a thread on the GB page and I answered in longwinded fashion and have now decided to post it here as well. Enjoy one of my favorite football memories;
I share a few sets of season tickets here in Seattle.  I have been attending games for almost 20 years now (why does that make me feel old?) but I have never been able to see Favre live in all that time.  Last year the Packers came here for MNF and one of the other guys drove in from Montana to go to the game.  Luckily for me, he is a wuss!  The roads were icy and the snow just kept comming.  I left as soon as I got the call that he didn't want to go 'cause of the weather.

Brett Favre in the snow!!! Dream come true for any true football fan (especially if you don't live in GB).  I had 53 miles to go with the trip to pick up the tickets and get to the stadium.  It took 4 hours and we didn't get there till halftime. It's the only game I have ever missed kick off.  My usual route takes me down one of the steepest roads in Seattle so I had to go around, it seemed like every other street was closed.  I can not repeat the foul mantra I was chanting the whole way!

I'm pretty sure we were winning when I got there but to tell you the truth I was just glad to be there.  I never left my seat, standing only, not even to get beer!  I don't remember a whole lot from the game except that I believe we got a sack in the last chance drive. It was like I was a kid again just watching for the pure joy of seeing one of the greatest ever.  When I was little I would just watch the great players because I didn't yet understand the entire game. 

At 0:00 Brett went straight for the tunnel and only when Holmgren called him over did he shake hands with anyone.  Mike skipped the head coach to go for Brett.  (I wish he didn't like him so much sometimes- like last Sat.)  Then it was time to go home.  Ha Ha!  It had continued to snow through the game and was even colder than when I left the house. 

This time we only had 26 miles to go to get home.  Easier said than done.  There were so many stranded cars that they kept sending out more and more busses.  Unfortunately they sent them with out chains. (For the life of me I can't figure out why)  So the streets were littered with hundreds of stranded cars AND busses!! Seven hours later I finally made it to bed.  We had been in the car for almost 4 and not yet made it out of the city limits when we found a Subway that had never closed because the guys working realized they weren't going to be able to get home either.  Thank God they decided to capitalize on the situation.  They had the music going and they had gotten a case of beer from the convinience store next door, but best of all they had hot food!  People walked for miles ditching thier cars it was really funny how it all happened.  More than half of us still had our faces painted and jerseys on from the game.

The whole night was one of my favorite game experiences ever.  My all time favorite was also Green Bay on MNF.... my son was born on a monday and the first thing we did as a family once the visitors were gone was watch MNF at Lambeau Field from my hospital bed.

On another note- though I am sad my Hawks are out I am glad Brett gets to play the Championship game in Green Bay!! Almost like it was written in the stars, I'll be cheering for you the whole way. 


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