Posted on: January 26, 2008 1:59 pm

Chez Red - a la carte

With appologies to Turbozo- here is my menu listed by sport. Some classic, some unique.

Football:  has to be communal and eaten without a plate...chips, bean dip, wings and pizza..if at home. At the game- bbq (hot dogs and hamburgers with big buns) before, but inside the stadium is a pure liquid diet (the reason for big buns earlier).. you should be standing and able to cheer spontaniously so no full mouths! While a draft beer is a better value choosing a bottle will help limit spills.  For a monday night game at home a good bourbon on the rocks is a nice change after all the beer the day before, I go with makersmark or knob creek myself.

Baseball:  much more relaxed at home...steak and baked potatoes on individual tv trays are exceptable with a bowl of shelled nuts or popcorn to share.  At the game it is everyones favorite on site meal... clam chowder for mom, pizza for brother, dad has 2 chilly dogs, sushi and garlic fries for me (I'm wierd I know), my husband gets the nachos, the baby has his apples (brought from home) and a small sampling from every one along with extra sauerkraut from a hot dog (my kid obviously). After the meal it is all about the nuts and seeds usually the 4th inning on, is full of kicking shells under the other person's seat.

Hockey: I do not know this one from experience but my gut tells me I would pick chili.  Homemade at home and stadium at the stadium.

Volleyball: Oh the stories I could tell you about this one.... but since no one else really goes to volleyball games I will continue on..

Basketball:  Gotta eat and be ready to cheer at any time for this one so hot dogs and popcorn are great choices.  For some reason I always go with a bottled beer here. I think because it is indoor and I am somewhat more aware of spills.  No special home meal comes to mind for this one, not sure why.

Fight Night: Hard, hard alcohol and a keg.  Lasagna is a good choice for a prefight meal.  Lots of weight to counter lots of alcohol!

Tour de France: Yeah I watch this one too, so what.  Airs in the early morning in the US so coffee, a water bottle and a power bar. Not much variety here.

Soccer: I eat what ever is being served by the sadist making me watch this crap.

All youth sports: cold weather- chili again, hot chocolate, hot dogs, and warm pretzels.
All youth sports: warm weather-  potato and/or pasta salad, yogert, hard boiled eggs, and juice boxes with popsicles after a win.

I know I am fogetting something but for the life of me i don't know what it is.  I'm sure it is obvious....

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