Posted on: June 18, 2008 4:36 pm

1993 again?

I am sending my prayers and thoughts to all those on the banks on the Mississippi.  At least 11 levees broke today in Iowa and there are more to come, some estimate between 20-30 more will break.  A friend in St. Louis sent pictures and my jaw dropped. They aren't expected to crest until Sat. and just the rain fall puts them at 39 ft.  Sullivan Blvd is completely under water as are the stairs up to the Gateway Arch.

In May of 2005 I left my job on the river to come home to Seattle to have my son.  Unfortunately August was the worst month of my life.  I was glued to the news channels, all of them, scanning the crowds for familiar faces.  Every 504 and 601 number in my cell was disconnected.  I cried and cried for days hoping my friends were all ok.  There are some that I still have never heard about even almost 3 years later.

I'm praying for dry weather (so far it looks good) and that the remaining levees hold.  I miss traveling the river and visiting all the ports, big and small, along the way.  Most had some kind of water mark for 93, some were high on the first building and some were three blocks up the hill.  Here's hoping the marks stay close to the river and low on the bridge.


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